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I am with the OP here, Should the drop was only from 1' into water it must not have failed as a result of water damage Considering that the phone has an IP67 ranking.

to unplug the battery connector, get rid of the Phillips #00 screws from the battery connector bracket, Recall each and every screw has a different size, will not swapped

Anyway: It can be water resistant, not waterproof. It is usually worthy of acquiring AppleCare – the cost with the AC will likely be less expensive than any non-warranty associated repair anyway.

Besides the OP did not specify how deep the water was. Only that the slide was a person foot into water. The water may be two+ toes deep for all We all know.

Critically? Get off your high horse. So quick to protect a company who couldn't give two flying s**ts about you. Finish in the day Apple advertise it as water resistant.

Get rid of the battery if possible and if you're feeling comfortable doing this (some Mac models merely Do not allow for this).

There’s a case the place the iPhone is dropped into a swimming pool or sink with jam water damage battery drain packed with water. There also a case whereby iPhone is dropped into sea water which not simply comprise H2O nevertheless it contains of salt and so on. Another water-damaged case is caused of sugared water spills like coffee or sweet tea. All those cases has distinctive amount of damaged. This article will focus on normally regarding how to fix a water damaged iPhone six quickly and securely as the primary assist or a couple of days after.

#15 Something I acquired is usually that a useful site device doesn't should pass a test as much as the highest score they get and screening cannot be completed under every end users natural environment.

Apple markets the phone as acquiring water resistance and IP67 has incredibly precise situations. This doesn't appear to be useful link any place near the depth and time of immersion necessary to cause the damage described.

Your phone may be fooled by phony fingerprints Google Assistant will get new intelligent home functions in time for the vacations

I are unsuccessful to see the impact with hard surface area? A just one foot fall into water. Water will break the fall before it hits the tub, if it even strike the tub.

In the future, avoid having the phone with you when you go to the pool, use the bathroom or do the dishes.

The iphone just isn't waterproof, its just water resistant as many as a certain Restrict and Apple does not cover any water damage.

Home experiment for anybody who doesn't Believe a a single foot or shallower drop would bring about damage. Use 1 / 4.  

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